Aluminum 3-Section Staff

Aluminum 3-Section Staff
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Aluminum 3-Section Staff

With a couple of twists this Aluminum 3-Section Staff turns into a 6' Bo. Knurled grips are at the un-jointed ends of the 24" sections, while ball-bearing, chained swivel joints provide for fluid movement. With this Aluminum 3-Section staff you get two weapons in one. Ideal for martial artists who train with both a straight staff and a sectional staff.

Disclaimer: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item in the following states: MA, CA and NY.

  • Aluminum 3-Section Staff.
  • Made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Each Section is 24" Long. 
  • Screws Together to Form 6' Staff.
  • Ball Bearing Chain System.

Also known as a "Coiling Dragon Staff," the Three-Sectional staff is a Chinese flail weapon that is believed to have originated from Master Sanda of the Honan Temple. Historically made of white oak, wax wood or Chinese red maple, this weapon allowed for greater range and allowed advanced maneuvers that could trip an opponent or entangle their weapon.

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