Black Metal Sai

Black Metal Sai
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Black Metal Sai


  • Sai
  • 19.5" Overall
  • Black Metal Sai

The exact origin of the sai has been greatly debated. Although many people believe that it was developed in Okinawa as a weapon, there is evidence of similar tools that predate the sai. The chabang was used in the Indonesian fighting style pentjak-silat and the trishula is a type of Indian trident that was also used in Southeast Asia. Both have origins older than the sai. Although it may not have been developed in Okinawa, this is where the sai gained the most notoriety. In 1668 Okinawan Prince Moto Chohei perfected the weapons use and domestic police (ufuchiku) began using it for crowd control and to arrest criminals.

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